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High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

How High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs Can Accelerate Your Online Business

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What is High Ticket Affiliate Marketing

A High Ticket Affiliate Marketer will Sell Less For More. High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Is a affiliate marketing Technique that Concentrates on you selling a smaller number of affiliate products for higher commissions. A typical high ticket affiliate Commission would be between $500 and $1000 per product sold, at the higher end there are High Ticket Affiliate Product with commissions of up to $10000 . If you promote smaller ticket affiliate products you have to spend more time promoting the products for Less return. An Example of this is your monthly target is to make $4000 if you had a product with a $50 commission you would have to sell 8o Products to make $4000. A High Ticket product with a $1000 commission you would only need to sell four products to make $4000 or a $500 product you would only have to sell eight products this is the difference you sell less for more.

The up side is that because you have to spend less time promoting one product you can promote more high ticket affiliate products and you can scale up your commissions. The best Example i can give you is if you run a Facebook ad Inviting people to sign up for a free Training webinar and at the end of webinar they have the chance to purchase the high ticket affiliate product on offer. If 10 people sign up and 5 people purchase the product if your commission on that is $500 per product you wil have just made $2500 in commissions for a Facebook ad that could of Cost as little as $5.If you are selling a smaller affiliate ticket products you have to do ten times the work to make commissions of $2500, for example if you had a affiliate product with a $10 commission you would have to sell 250 products to make $2500 in Commissions.

High ticket affiliate marketing is the smart way to affiliate market and make money you sell less for more. High ticket Affiliate programs are harder to sell but do not let this put you off. The difference between selling lower ticket affiliate products and higher ticket products is trust. A lower ticket product will be bought on impulse "it's only $10 i will buy it" there is no risk. A higher ticket affiliate product there is risk in the persons mind so you have to build a relationship with so they trust your judgement and if they trust your judgement they will buy the product you are recommending


What are High Ticket Affiliate Products

Affiliate products for high ticket commissions are normally based around Health Wealth Happiness. If a product make you wealthier Healthier or Happy it will sell . High ticket Affiliate products are Self help programs , Mindset Programs Higher Level Training courses to take your Business to the next level, and high level marketing Programs. All the products are deigned to help you better yourself and Help you along in life making Healthier, Wealthier and Happy this SELLS!.. 

The products are normally sold through a free training webinar that give you a broad insight in to the product and at the end of the webinar you can purchase the High ticket affiliate product with bonuses that are thrown in free to seal the deal and make it no brainer and you have to buy.

How to Sell and Promote-High Ticket Affiliate Programs.

Selling High Ticket Affiliate products Is not easy but done the correct way it is made easy . The Secret is to build trust with Your customers and the best way to do this is to give them value. When i say value you need to give them information to help them along the way to there goal . If It Is to have a passive income you give them value about ways to earn a passive income. The best way to do this is to give them a free gift. The Free gift could be an ebook on the 10 best ways to earn a passive income. You have a simple Landing from Groovepages where they give the name and email address and they can then download there free ebook . The name and email address is the golden ticket you now have them on your list and can now give value and sell your products to your list

."The Money is in the list" Your List is the most valuable asset you can have . When You have captured some bodies name email you know you have somebody who has an interest in earning a passive income. So you can now give value to your list on earning a passive income . This is all done by your Auto responder you set up a series of emails that would last over a 5 or seven day period giving value and then promoting your offer all the time you are building up trust and ultimately if they trust you they will buy. The beauty of having a email list is when the trust is built up they will buy off you for life and this is the best way you can sell a High Ticket Affiliate Products and your list is free traffic no paid ads no pay per click an email list is pure gold.

There other ways to promote you high ticket affiliate offer. A simple review of the offer where before purchasing they can be reassured that your offer is not a scam and they can purchase with peace of mind. A review of the product on offer the pros and cons what it will give to you to help you reach your goals. At the end of the review you have link to your offer for them to purchase. The Review page needs grab their attention to encourage them to hit the link to purchase your offer. The Key to the review page is to optimize your page using keywords to get your page on the first page of google so when people search for a review of you High Ticket offer they will see your review. The key is to be on the first page because people will not scroll to the second page of google to search for reviews. SAS Affiliate can help you with this.

Paid Ads can be costly but if done correctly can be very lucrative. There are many Platforms for paid ads Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are the best platforms to run paid ads. A lot of time and money can be put into getting your ads to work but when you hit on the correct formula there will be know looking back. 

              My Recommended-High Ticket Affiliate Programs


Rethink BTA-From Barry Plaskow

This never before seen unique high ticket affiliate marketing system. A worlds first super affiliate system sales funnel consisting of the 7 best converting High ticket Affiliate webinars available today. This fully Automated webinar system has high ticket sales and big ticket commissions throughout the funnel with commissions ranging from 45 to 65 percent on $400 to $2000 dollar products. This Unique webinar sales funnel has taken many pain staking years to develop and put together and the thousands spent to make this the number 1 fully automated purpose built webinar high ticket affiliate marketing funnel system. The wait was worth it,. The webinar system will increase conversion rate by 10 times compared to other webinar systems this combined with some of the worlds best marketers in profitable niches making this the best converting webinar system around today giving you the best chance of making sales and money. The system is set up so all the marketing and sales all are done or you. The webinars on offer are the best converting webinars around giving the marketer time to build up a trust and understanding with the people attending the webinars to convert into sales. SAS Big Ticket is the one of the best high paying affiliate programs on the market today. Read My Full Review at www.sasbigticketaffiliatereview2021.com

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SAS Affiliate Free Traffic.

SAS Affiliate traffic. SAS Affiliate is a Affiliate training Program focusing on keyword and seo techniques to boost your website rankings so you can minimise the use of paid ads, The Program has been developed by seven figure internet marketer and conversion rate optimization expert Jason Calouri alongside Barry Plaskow . Jason takes you on a 48 hour journey teaching and showing you how to build a affiliate website from start to launch using keywords to get the website to the first page of google and showing you how to implement this on your own high ticket affiliate web page. .The training in this program is second to none . Jason teaches you step by step the right products to pick, how to pick profitable keywords, building your site, writing content and building links. The Most important thing you are learning is how generate free traffic so you can implement it on SAS Big Ticket Affiliate. Included in this program are training and webinar training videos to help you succeed and not be left behind. The program has been put together so you will succeed build a business and make Money with free traffic . 

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Rethink Social Media.

Rethink Social Media is Brought to best selling author, speaker and social media advertising mastermind Paul Omahony. Paul shows you how to stop wasting your time on social media and start earning money from social media. Rethink social media will show you how to leverage the power of social media to earn an income on the internet. 

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